Guillermo García-Pérez


Guillermo is a physicist working at the intersection between complex systems and quantum physics. He believes that the many of the challenges of modern society require a complex systems approach, and that quantum computing and quantum communication can provide invaluable resources to tackle them.

Guillermo earned his BSc in Physics (2009-2014, best thesis award) and his MSc in Advanced Physics (2014-2015, with honors) at the University of Barcelona. He obtained his PhD from the same university in 2018 for his thesis on the geometric structure of complex networks.

During his PhD, he also published several works on high-impact journals such as Nature Physics and Nature Communications, among others. His research in complex networks has covered very disparate topics, ranging from pure mathematics to international trade. As a postdoc at University of Turku, he has worked on quantum computing and simulation, as well as on complex quantum networks.

Guillermo García-Pérez